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Frequently Asked Questions...

What should I/we wear?

Something you feel good wearing.  If you are comfortable and feel good, you’ll be more relaxed and natural for the shoot…more likely to let YOUR true colors shine through.  That having been said, avoid super busy prints, and any fad related logos or brands (no Dora, Elmo, etc).   For groups I recommend complimentary color families: earthy tones, pastels etc.

SENIORS: again…something comfortable for sure!  Make sure to bring a change or two that reflect who you are  - country chic, urban, athletic.  Feel free to bring props, like a guitar, hats, your car, athletic equipment, prom dresses, etc.


When is the best time to do a session?

Morning or evening light is best by far.  That is not to say that sessions can’t or won’t be done in the middle of the day if that’s when schedules allow, just that it is not the BEST time of day to do them.

Other than prints, what other products do you offer?



Although I can and do offer some packages, I firmly believe that you should only pay for prints you’ll actually need and use. There are some packages for seniors for example, but everything is always available a la carte.

Prints are an average of $18 a sheet (ie: an 8x10, or 2 – 5x7’s). All images ordered for printing are given a general touch up at no additional cost. Special requests may have additional fees. A CD of the untouched images is also available starting at $295 depending on the number of images taken. Enhanced images start at $25 an image, once prints have been ordered.


Other products:

Be sure to ask about the following;

    • Silver jewelry, keyrings, and ceramic ornaments
    • Prints on metal! Awesome look!
    • Canvas prints and wraps
    • Framing
    • Personal coffee table books and albums
    • Cards, announcements, bookmarks
    • Banners, posters, garden flags, wall clings, calendars, magnets, mousepads
    • Leather purses, stone coasters, glass cutting boards
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